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What is “Low Carb”?

A Low Carb lifestyle seeks to remove processed food from your diet and replace it with more natural and wholesome foods. Removing the junk food from your life allows your body to perform as it was made to. You reboot at a cellular level, and your body turns into a fat burning machine! Not only that, but you will find that you have tons of energy, don’t get sick as often (if at all), and don’t experience the high/low energy levels most people do on a daily basis.

We call it a Low Carb lifestyle, and not a diet. This isn’t just a short term “drop a few pounds” kind of thing (although you will “drop a few pounds”, and then a few more pounds, and then more pounds than you thought were possible…) It’s about eating whole, fresh and healthy foods. It’s about living a life that helps us manage stress better. And allows us to sleep better. One that allows us to be stronger. This is about becoming and remaining healthy. And it is so EASY to do! This site is all about learning how to easily replace the processed junk food that makes up the Standard American Diet (the “SAD” diet) with delicious alternatives that don’t make you feel like you are missing out.0

See for yourself. We have a huge Recipe section full of amazing alternatives to some of your favorite foods, and recipes for amazing dishes you have probably never even heard or thought of before.

The nitty-gritty is that this is about getting back to our ancestral roots, eating mainly meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. It’s converting our bodies from being “Sugar Burners” into being “Fat Burners”. There is more information on that in the next few pages. We will get into the science of it so you can see the Low Carb lifestyle at work and how it is far superior to a High Carb diet. We are about to lay out a science and research based plan that will let you lose weight with little effort.

And the best part of it all? We give your everything you need to start your low carb journey here. All you need to know, to be successful is in the FREE section of this website. We lay it all out there for you.

So, if you are ready to learn more, let’s go to the Science of Low Carb.